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Banking Training Institute is a reputed organization established in the year 2004 with the mission of providing consultancy, research facility and the professional training to bridge the gap between the academic and the professional life. BTI stands on the pillar of highly motivated and successful professionals from the banking and other corporate sectors. We assist in the capacity building of the different private, public and government offices through research, training and consultancy services. We provide training by national and international expert s in the related field. We are proud of the active participation in nation building through the capacity development of the human resource required in the building of the nation. Success...
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Namaste! In this fast paced competition, one cannot look back or be complacent. Doing so, will leave him/her far behind in the race to achieving goals. One must keep pace with time in self adjusting oneself in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills. As we all work almost round the clock as busy bees, we have time constraint in updating ourselv... ... more

Training Programme
Banking Courses

  In today's market Bank & Financial Institutions are the most happening and transparent sectors in the country. Today most of the Nepalese students are attracted to this sector because of the excellent career growth and due to the attrac... ... more

Reserch & Consulting
Consultation for Banking Career

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